2014 Israel/Palestine

What is Project24 2014 for Israel/Palestine?
13 tattoo artists from around the globe were working for a 24 hours period and all of the tattooing profits were donated to the “Israel/Palestine” project of the human rights organisation “Medico International”.


Whats going on there?
For the past decades, the Middle Eastern conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Territories has been reignited regularly, a lopsided battle that is causing endless suffering and pain on all sides. 
The main burden is on those helpless civilians that keep on losing families, neighbors and homes in the Gaza Strip and Westbank.
Across this region, which is nowadays recognized as the State of Palestine by 135 nations, medical care, infrastructure and educational institutions have been destroyed on a large scale, and are extremely difficult to rebuild any time soon, due to the political and economic situation there.


How much money did you collect ?
After having 5 working stations occupied  for 24 hours by amazing tattooers we managed to collect  5,955€ and donated it to “Medico International“.



Tattooers Line-Up :


Why we decided to donating your tattooing money to “Medico” ?
Medico founded the Israel/Palestine project in 2013, those are the project’s main goals till now:

  • Improving access to essential health services and protection in the West Bank and the provision of medications to social hardship cases in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank , Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS)
  • Support for School of Community Health Workers, PMRS
  • Reconstruction and improvement of primary health care infrastructure and provision of nutritional counseling and food supplements for marginalized communities in Gaza, PMRS
  • Ensuring access to primary health care close to and in the access restricted areas of the Gaza Strip and provision of medicines to social hardship cases in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, PMRS
  • Institutional support and purchase of an emergency power generator, Al Mezan Centre for Human rights
  • Research project ‘Who profits from the occupation‘, Coalition of Women for Peace (CPW)
  • Support for Adalah (Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel)
  • Early detection and treatment of breast cancer, support of breast cancer patients in the Gaza Strip, Culture & Free Thought Association
  • Institutional support for the Freedom Theatre Jenin
  • Mobile clinics and instutational support, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-IL)
  • Non-recognized victims: protecting and promoting the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel (PHR-IL)
  • Public outreach regarding the activities of Israeli military in the occupied Palestinian territories, Breaking the Silence
  • Provision of sustainable energy services in the southern Hebron hills, Comet-ME
  • School health program, Medical Relief Society Jerusalem


Where & When ?
3rd August 13:00 till 4th of August 2014 at Toe Loop Tattoo.


Project24 2014 Lineup


Event Pictures:

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