2015 Nepal

What is Project24 2015 for Nepal ?
Top class tattoo artists from around the globe working for the earthquake victims of Nepal nonstop throughout the night and all of the tattooing profits will be donated to small grassroots development projects in Nepal that channel the donations to a direct support to the ones who really needs it more than us.


Why donate your time, energy and money to Nepal through Project24?
Pictures of the devastating Nepal earthquake of April 25th, 2015 and its aftermath keep on haunting us long after the ground stopped shaking. Thousands lost their lives, hundreds of thousands their livelihood and homes. All of this in one of the poorest countries in the world.
The history and arts of Nepal and the entire Himalayas has inspired generations of tattooists worldwide, through the spiritual universe of Hinduism and Buddhism, which both have their roots in Nepal, through the iconography of the countless gods and goddesses of the Himalaya or even the filigree mandala patterns that can now be seen tattooed in dotwork style from East to West.
It is time to give something back.


Where & When?
If you wish to donate directly for the people of Nepal and avoid your money being wasted for lavish expense accounts, please support Project24 by tattooing or getting tattooed at:

No Brain No Pain Tattoo at the Berlin Tattoo Convention after party in White Trash FastFood

Starting on the 8th of August 21:00, till Sunday morning 9th 9:00

5 tattooing working spaces will be occupied by tattoo artists working for the cause nonstop throughout the night and All of the tattooing profits will be donated to a small grassroots development projects in Nepal that do not waste money on expense accounts, fancy offices and chauffeur-driven cars, but channelling the donations to a direct support to the ones who really need it more than us.


Where is the money raised by Project24 going?
“Rise for Nepal” initiated directly after the earthquake the installation of sanitary constructions, like toilets, to prevent diseases and to guarantee the minimum of necessary hygiene. After covering a large area with these temporary appliances, resettlement will be the main aim of the community to pave the way for a back-to-normal life in affected villages.

More then 12 teams and over 200 volunteers, especially young adults, found their way to “Rise for Nepal” and are working under this well organised structure to provide people with a better future. To bring their ideas to reality, the community certainly needs support to have materials and supplies available at hand. Governments and international NGOs will not be the heroes rising out of this catastrophy: Just and only Nepalis can decide, what Nepal needs right now.

Project24 2015 for Nepal is Supported by:
Chaim Machlev
Travelin‘ Mick
Sana Sakura
No Pain No Brain Tattoo
Tattoo Krause (Classic Tattoo)
Berlin Tattoo Convention


Tattooers Line-Up :

Chaim Machlev, Germany – www.dotstolines.com
Derek Baker, South Africa – www.facebook.com/mmtattoo69
Sonja Punktum, Germany – www.punktumtattoo.de
Dmitry Babakhin, Russia – www.facebook.com/dmitry.babakhin
Alicja Andersen, Germany – www.facebook.com/AlicjaAndersenArt
Okan Uçkun, Turkey – http://okanuckun.tumblr.com
Julia Chochola, Czech Republic – www.juliachochola.com
Marcos Ortega, Germany – http://marcosortegatattoo.tumblr.com
Obi, India – www.facebook.com/abhinandan.basu9999
Esther de Miguel, Travelling – https://www.facebook.com/la.transilvana
Julia Rehme, Germany – www.juliarehme.com
Sanni Torman, Germany – http://sannitormen.wix.com/sanni-torme
Sanne Vaghi, Travelling – http://www.synthbiose.tumblr.com/
Fabrice Koch, Germany – http://tattrx.com/artists/fabinkognito
Dennis Bernhardt, Germany – https://www.facebook.com/DennisBernhardtTattoo
Andy Engel, Germany – http://www.andyengel.tattoo


Project24 for Nepal