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STER Concrete Tile

″STER captures the moment in which a simple geometric shape pulses a life sign

and becomes organic; strains this boundary while fully respecting

the sacred laws of mathematics to create as much warmth as possible,

and gives life to the environment with such a simple and ancient material.
Marking human flesh with black carbon ink or shaping a room with concrete,

socialising or individualising, contemporary and primitive at the same time,

permanency can project both strength and love, power and sensitivity,

when treated with the right amount of respect and appreciation″.

— Chaim Machlev for Kaza Concrete

Instigating far-reaching changes in the application of ornate textures and shapes for tessellation, the resulting objects challenge to recognise the full potential of concrete and its casting.

Concurrent constellations is dedicated to the birth of objects
in which the parts are connected to each other on several levels,

forming a comprehensive image of creativity and exclusivity,

Resulting objects reveal the richness of universal design and stimulate contemplation.

Everything begins with an idea.

Preferably, an idea that can be visualised and transformed into a relief pattern;

whether you have a final concept in your hands

or only some sketches on a piece of paper.

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