By sending us an email you agree that the information provided will be kept in our system as long as required. Alternatively, you can request us to delete this information at any time by sending an email.  Make sure to read the privacy policy before contacting us.

We get a lot of messages at the moment and give 100% attention to each request, therefore the waiting time for an answer may be longer than usual.

Contact for other enquiries NOT related to tattooing (Art, Design, Press):

Please send all relevant information to:

Contact for a private Tattoo Appointment with Chaim / Tattoo Information:

DotsToLines is a private studio located in Berlin. This means that tattooing is performed by appointment only and therefore only one customer can be in the studio at any given time.
Unfortunately we cannot accept walk-ins as Chaim is the only tattoo artist in the studio.

When sending an e-mail please include:

  • Detailed explanation of the tattoo you would like and any meaning behind it.

  • Place on the body and requested size.

  • Pictures of tattoos or artwork you like, as inspiration for Chaim to understand what you are really after.

  • Picture of your body part that you would like to tattoo. To understand roughly how long the project should take. 
    Chaim designs tattoos according to the body shape of the individual client, therefore each individual design is never the same as two individuals never have the same body shape.

  • It would be ideal if you could let us know where you are living.

  • Your age and if you are tattooed already and where.

  • Preferable tattooing date in case you are not flexible.

If you did not include all information mentioned above, we will not be able to answer.

Chaim does not send sketches before the tattooing appointment.

Chaim does not tattoo people under 18 years of age.

Normally the waiting time for an appointment is around 2 years, however there are sometimes cancellations or open spots which may become available.



Chaim is tattooing occasionally in a private art gallery in Los Angeles, we book appointments for it on a waiting list base, 

please feel free to write us for more information:

Thanks for the understanding.

Peace & Love
DotsToLines Team